The goal of the Master’s course is to identify, study and reflect on the current stage of knowledge in controllership and accounting. It officially starts in February/March. The estimated time to conclude the Master’s program is 24 months.

Objective: Prepare researchers, faculty members, professional to work in public and private entities, besides contributing to the development of science.
Degree granted: Master of Science – Controllership and Accountancy Program
Graduates: Professionals qualified to contribute as faculty members and in the leadership for the control and management of public, private and non-governmental institutions.
Research areas: a) financial accounting and finance and b) controllership. The area is chosen when registering for the course and drives the entire course trajectory.
Course duration: The maximum length of the course is 30 months counted from the enrollment date. The qualification exam should be taken by the 15th month.
Subjects and credits: a) The student should take 48 credits in subjects, 34 in compulsory subjects and the remainder in elective subjects. For further information check subjects.

Qualification exam: By the 15th month the student needs to pass the qualification exam, which involves the submission and debate of the ongoing research project.
Content exam: At the end of each term, the program applies an assessment to reflect on the relation between the subjects taken and their research project.
Thesis defense: At the end of the course, the students present the results of their research in the form of a thesis, to be assessed by a committee of experts on the theme.

Further information is available under “Manual for New Students”

Discover the regulations for the Master’s course under: Regulations of Controllership and Accounting Program at FEA-RP

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