The doctoral course aims to contribute to the development of science through the preparation of high-level researchers. It starts in August. Sandwich doctoral courses are strongly encouraged.


Objective: Prepare researchers and leaders who are able to anticipate solutions for the development of science.
Degree granted: Ph.D. in Sciences – Controllership and Accounting Program.
Graduates: Professionals able to serve in research, teaching, control and management institutions of private, public and non-governmental entities.
Research Lines: a) financial accounting and finance and b) controllership. The choice is made when registering for the course and drives the entire course trajectory.
Course duration: The maximum duration of the course is 48 months as from the enrollment date.
Subjects and credits: The course comprises 63 credits, being 27 in compulsory subjects and the remainder in Elective subjects. Further information under Subjects.

Specific Content Test: The understanding of the relation between the compulsory subjects and the students’ research project is assessed. This assessment is organized at the end of each semester and the student is expected to take it once during the course.

Qualification Test: By the 20th month, the student should submit his/her research project to a qualification test.

Thesis defense: At the end of the course, the student should have developed a dissertation that innovates on the existing knowledge and that demonstrates research capacity, besides leadership and idea presentation skills. During the course, the students should disseminate the partial result of their research by publishing in a scientific journal.

Detailed information is available in the "Manual for New Students".

Discover the regulations for the Doctoral course under: Regulations of Controllership and Accounting Program at FEA-RP

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