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The Culture and Extension has a wide role within the University. It acts in additional shares of education and research, as is an assemblage element of the whole University, and is still the open channel of communication with the society. Different kind of courses can be offered Specialization (360h), Improvement (180h), Update (30h) and Diffusion (8h) courses.


The Provost of Culture and Extension at USP is distinguished by its comprehensive role within the University. While other Provosts have locus of action more defined, the Culture and Extension operates in all areas. This action can be: in additional actions of teaching and research that escape from other Provosts; elements to constitute the assemblage of all University, or even to be the open channel of communication with the society and local community.


Despite the comprehensive nature of Culture and Extension, there is no clarity on the substance of its activities, either on the relationship between the two areas that comprise this Provost: although a relative consensus on the meaning of culture, extension´s meaning remains quite elusive, hindering the articulation of integrated actions and producing the impression of mutual independence.


The Improvement programs are an organized system of one or more subjects which aims to deepen knowledge in a certain field. The Improvement Program courses have at least a 180-hour length period and are offered only to graduated students.



The Updating Program courses aim to disseminate knowledge in certain areas or subjects. The Updating Program courses have at least a 30-hour length period and are offered only to graduated students.



The Dissemination Program courses aim to disclose knowledge and techniques to the community. The Dissemination Program courses have at least an eight-hour length period and can be offered to non-graduated students.


MBA (specialization)

The Specialization is an organized system of one of more programs, and which aims to form professionals qualified for meeting the demands in a certain knowledge field. The Specialization programs have at least a 300-hour length period without computing the group or individual study-time, without a professor’s assistance, extra-class activity-time, and the compulsory time reserved for elaborating the monograph or completion-of-program work. The Specialization Program is offered only to graduate students.

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