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General View of the Program

The program is committed to promote professors, researchers, and highly-qualified professionals so as to meet the academic and scientific demands of public and private organizations. Therefore, our Master’s and Doctoral programs are designed for Research Projects, which are joint research initiatives of professors and students to reply to certain social issues in an economically relevant manner. From the beginning, the students shall count on his/her advisor’s support and cooperation, seeking the structuration and objectives of his/her research.



Officially, Master’s starts in February or March with an estimate 24-month length period till conclusion. During this period, the students will attend 5 to 7 subjects, including Financing Accounting, Controlling, Finances, Theory of Accounting and Controlling, Quantitative Methodology and Methods; however, part of these subjects can be replaced by articles published in magazines or congresses. In general, in the middle of the program, between the 10th and 12th months, the student will undergo a qualification exam, during which he will have to present and debate his on-going research project. To apply for this exam, the students must accomplish a minimum number of credits; have his preliminary project approved in the “Seminários de Dissertações” (Seminars of Theses, formerly called “Fórum de Projetos de Pesquisa”, or Forum of Research Projects); and be approved in the Specific-Content Exam (about the compulsory subjects attended); furthermore, a proven English reading capacity is required.

At the end of the program, the research carried out will be presented in a publishing-potential article format, and a duplicate in a thesis-format version.

In-depth information can be viewed in the “Manual do Ingressante Mestrado 2012” (The Incoming-Student’s Guide Master’s 2012).

Please, refer to the rules for Master’s in: Specific Rules Program of Accounting FEA-RP.


Doctorate Studies

Doctorate Studies start in August, with an estimate 48-month length period till completion. The “sandwich” doctorate is strongly encouraged, in which the student will attend three general compulsory subjects and one compulsory research-line subject; moreover, should the student’s Doctorate not be in Accounting, he/she should attend optional subjects together with the Master’s in the first semester of the program. Still, the student will be able to choose Optional Subjects offered by the Research Groups of the program to be developed within the theme of his/her research, and he must go through a qualification exam showing specific knowledge about the project.

To apply for this exam the student must accomplish a minimum number of credits; have his/her preliminary project approved in the “Seminars of Theses”; and be approved in the Specific Content Exam (about the compulsory subjects attended). If the student should be approved for the “sandwich” program, then, he/she can request exemption of the Specific Content Exam; furthermore, a proven English reading capacity is required, and a proven English reading and writing capacity is desired.

When the program is completed, it is expected that the research, carried out and presented in a publishing-potential article format and a duplicate in a thesis-format version, should demonstrate research capacity, and leadership and idea-exposure abilities.


For further information on how to be a Post-Graduate student at FEA-RP, please visit: http://www.fearp.usp.br/en/index.php/study-at-fea-rp/seeking-degree-student/graduate

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