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The Graduate Program in Business Administration, on Master’s and Doctoral levels, has the purpose of promoting the education of professors, researchers, and high-level professionals to meet the academic and high-education demands within the area of Business Administration. It stimulates free-thinking and all the access manners towards revitalizing this knowledge area, thus, the intent of which lies on the contribution to the scientific and technological evolution of Business Administration.



In April 1992, FEA/USP was installed in at Ribeirão Preto as a branch of this school. Ten years later, on May 14, 2001, the University Council of the University of São Paulo (Co-USP) approved the emancipation proposal of the Ribeirão Preto School. For quite some time the school had met conditions to become a new Teaching and Research School of USP. Totally integrated into Ribeirão Preto Campus, and engaged into teaching, research, and extension activities, FEA-RP has been more and more broadening its performance and excellence.

In the beginning of the second semester of 1999, the Graduate Committee of FEA/USP at São Paulo approved the offering of graduate courses in Ribeirão Preto, which would be the embryo for creating stricto sensu graduate programs. In February 2002, the first Master’s and Doctoral classes of the FEA/USP Graduate Programs in Business Administration were started at Ribeirão Preto Campus.

Along 2003, FEA-RP Graduate Program in Business Administration was approved by the competent bodies of USP and CAPES (High-Education Personnel Improvement Coordination), whereas in the early 2004 the Master’s degree program in Business Administration was started.

The program in Ribeirão Preto started in February 2004 with 16 students, and in 2005 two selection processes were carried out, the first entrance in February with 11 students, and the second in May, with 10 students, therefore, amounting to 21 students in 2005. In 2006, 30 students enrolled in March, keeping this average in 2007 with 29 incoming students.

In the first two years the number of students was low, since the program was starting, and it was necessary an initial experience with a number of students smaller than the advisory capacity. In 2006, there was an adequacy of the incoming students, and the tendency has now been to maintain the number of newcomers to a 35-student baseline annually, whereas in 2007 the number of students enrolled was 30.


For further information on how to be a Post-Graduate student at FEA-RP, please visit: http://www.fearp.usp.br/en/index.php/study-at-fea-rp/seeking-degree-student/graduate

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