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The higher-education program in Business Administration educates rather valued professionals with a wide range of work highly diversified which demand a humanistic and ethical education with a technical and business view towards the life of organizations.

Teachings have been enriched by professor-conducted researches, as well as by written articles defended nationally and internationally, conjugating efforts of scientific-initiation students. In addition, the program is graded “A+” by MEC – Ministry of Education and Culture.



In a more and more competitive market of modern organizations, the administrator must be able to plan, organize, manage, and control the tangible and intangible resources he/she holds, being responsible for taking care of managerial processes in strategic, tactic, and operational levels of different areas: marketing, finance, human resources, purchase, operation, research, and development.



The professional can be either the undertaker who opens his own business or the executive in different levels of directorship; his/her performance is present in several organizations: industrial, commercial, service rendering, or third sector. As an expert in organizations, he/she works as company advisor, and manager of projects, resources, people, and businesses.

For further information on how to be an Undergraduate student at FEA-RP, please visit: http://www.fearp.usp.br/en/index.php/study-at-fea-rp/seeking-degree-student/undergraduate

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