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The Academic Support Section provides support to the Academic Assistant concerning contests for teaching career, academic elections processes, and issuing documents related to the area.

Announcements, decrees, communiqués are prepared in this Section and sent for printing in the Official Journal; the Section also consults all print matters of the Official Journal related to the academic area. It is responsible for divulging matters in the School site to all specific interested people.

The Section cooperates with academic events such as the Freshmen Welcoming Week, Graduation Ceremonies, Lectures etc.; it assists professors and students with matters about legislation pertinent to the Culture and Extension Committee; it is responsible for disseminating and supporting university extension programs, Fair of Professions, Culture and Art Week, Culture and Art Seminar, University Program Open to Seniors. The Section includes and updates registers related to the University Culture and Extension Committee through Apolo system.

The Section maintains and updates the site of the University Culture and Extension Committee, and performs other correlated assignments as necessary or on their superior’s demand.


Rita de Cassia Diniz Saraiva
Fernanda Aline Desidério
Maria Angelica Escoura Leal Constantino
Angela Maria Bataglion
Phone: +55 (16) 3315-4331 / 3315-4962
Working Hours: 09am to 9pm

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