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The Accounting Section is responsible for conducting the School’s budget and financial estimates. It controls resources originated from agreements and projects of professors, and accounts for the expenses; manages budget quotas, and accounts for the Faculty’s financial resources; checks out bidding processes, purchases in general and cash advances, makes use of the financial management central system called MERCÚRIO and MERCÚRIO WEB to issue Commitment Notes and Settlement of Expenses and Payments; follows up terms and values of outsourced and concession contracts, arranging for readjustments and addition of terms; and prepares managerial reports.


Áurea Aparecida Siscati (Chief Accountant)

Luís Augusto Cestari

Telephone:  +55 (16) 3315-0668

Fax: +55 (16) 3315-3891

Working hours: 08am to 12:30pm – 1:30pm to 6pm.

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