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This office is responsible for activities related to dispatch, enrollment, and filing. It enrolls, distribute, and receive documents, processes (lawsuits), and enroll them in FEA-RP Sections, USP Schools, and external entities. It keeps bulletin boards for disclosing events and opportschoolies; makes tax assessment of administrative cases, and provides information about the progress of the cases and respective filings; gives directions concerning rules and procedures of case-upkeeping/proceedings both physically and through Proteos System. It receives, reorganizes, stores, saves, and safekeeps documents and processes (lawsuits) in the School archive observing the time table. When requested of, it opens files for consultations; it feeds control systems of documents sent and received by mail, and writes reports. Services are conducted by guidance of USP Filing System – SAUSP.


José Matheus Precinotto

Mônica Takada

Telephone: +55 (16) 3315-3929

Working Hours: 08am to 6pm

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