RCC6100-Financial Statement Analysis
RCC5241-Risk Analyis
RCC4245-Online Collaborative Learning
RCC6001-Advanced Financial Accounting
RCC6002-Advanced Controllership
RCC4244-Control and Monitoring in Dispersed Property Organizations - Cooperatives
RCC6007-Didactics of Accounting Education
RCC6003-Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
RCC5246-Accounting Choices
RCC6005-Structuring of Course Programs and Curricular Improvements
RCC4229-Field Studies Applied to the Public Sector
RCC5132-Corporate Finances
RCC4451-Research Project Forum
RCC5247-Economic Fundamentals Applied to Accounting
RCC5243-Accounting Information
RCC5248-Readings in Finance
RCC6004-Advanced Quantitative Methods
RCC5244-Accounting and Tax Research
RCC4452-Dissertation Projects I
RCC4453-Dissertation Projects II
RCC6006-Thesis Projects I
RCC6008-Thesis Projects III
RCC4242-Reforms and Public Accounting I
RCC4243-Reforms and Public Accounting II
RCC6101-Technology for Scientific Research Management and Cooperation
RCC6102-Equity Valuation Theory
RCC4227-Contemporary Topics in Controllership and Accounting I
RCC4228-Contemporary Topics in Controllership and Accounting II
RCC5245-Governance and Social Accountability Topics
RCC5242-Topics in IFRS: Theory, Practice and Teaching

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