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"Thanks to my degree I have had the opportunity to visit several countries and Brazil has been my favorite. I just simply love it. And Ribeirão Preto is an amazing city for students from all around the  world to immersed in the Brazilian culture. FEA-RP, USP is an ideal space not only to learned and lived an academic experience, but also to grow internally. You study, party, travel, eat amazing food,  meet people from all around the world, and made long-lasting friendships. You wont  regret it. Go to Brazil, go to Ribeirão, study at FEA-RP”


 Susana Uribe, EAFIT University (Colombia)






 “Such a chance to join FEA USP Ribeirao Preto. I’ve studied there one semester (2011), and this was amazing. The university is really huge, with a strong student life and you feel directly like at home. For me USP was a really good university and I learned a lot but also met many local people really nice and interesting to meet foreign people.


  About the city, RP is the perfect size for an exchange semester, all the students are living close to each other’s, you can make sport, there are many events and you can discover the culture like nowhere. It’s also easy to travel and to discover others regions.


  USP FEA RP is finally a really good atmosphere to deal with Brazilian culture, learn about local people and be beaming. I also loved the rhythm and how people are taking care of us at the International Office, allowing us to be quickly in the mood and to learn Portuguese. As far as I know this experience was grateful and will be perfect for the future, as I plan now to going back to work there.


  Well, do not hesitate, you will not regret it, have the best time and learn many things, about a country that worth it! ‘Tudo bem’ como falamos.“


 Aurélien Cornubert, Kedge Business School (France)







"Foi simplesmente maravilhoso! Em geral, o intercâmbio pode te ajudar a te conhecer melhor e ter um crescimento pessoal, além disso, morar numa cidade como Ribeirão, tão linda! comunicada com o Brasil tudo, é fantástico. E nem falo da qualidade humana do pessoal da FEA RP e da USP inteira, são inesquecíveis!. Fiquei apaixonada de ter feito meu intercâmbio como fiz...no Brasil! Obrigada!"



Montse Santiago, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico)










simon2"A dream came true when I received the acceptance letter of FEA-RP. I had the opportunity to study one year in Brazil and I fell completely in love with the country and its people. I studied two semesters at FEA-RP and would like to highlight the agribusiness lectures, that gave me many new insights and perspectives. Furthermore, it was very helpful that most professors accepted exam answers in English as I was still a beginner in Portuguese once I arrived. This means you are able to study at the FEA-RP even with very little Portuguese knowledge, if you are willing to invest in your language skills during your studies abroad. Your fellow students will help you a lot to learn the new language; it was easier than I thought.


Ribeirão Preto is not a touristic city at all. However Ribeirão Pretanos are very welcoming and it is an easy task to make local friends and if you would like to spend a year of eternal summer this city is the place to go. Visiting the famous Amazon, Pantanal (my favourite) and of course Rio de Janeiro is no problem at all because you have the option to enrol into morning and night lectures which means you can allocate your lectures in the first part of the week. I was living with two lovely flatmates and this brought me very close to the Brazilian way of life. I can highly recommend FEA-USP as a host university."
Simon Lehmann www.simonlehmann.ch, ZHAW School of Management and Law (Switzerland)



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