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Please note that FEA-RP/USP does not accept freemover students. Check here how to become a regular full time student:




FEA-RP has undegraduate (bachelor) programs in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and Economics and Accounting


Entrance Exam

Those interested in taking a complete undergraduate study at FEA-RP/USP should necessarily apply for the entrance exam selection process, which is open to all those who have fulfilled the minimum requirements. Tests will be applied in Portuguese in Brazil and organized by FUVEST – University Foundation for Entrance Exams.



The Unified Selection System (SiSU) is a spot reserve system, organized by the Ministry of Education (MEC), in which public institutions of higher education offer positions for candidates participating in the National High School Exam (Enem). To participate, it is necessary that the student has completed the last edition of the Enem, obtaining a grade above zero in the essay. Registration is free and is done on the internet. To apply, the candidate must make his / her choices among the vacancies offered by the institutions participating in the program. Currently USP and it´s schools offer undergraduate positions under the SISU.

More information



The Undergraduate Agreement Student Program (PEC-G) provides higher education opportunities to people from underdevelopment countries with which Brazil keeps specific agreements. Developed by both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partnerships with public and private universities, PEC-G selects completed secondary education young foreigners to take undergraduate studies in Brazil. Currently USP is re-evaluating its participation on that program.

Further information:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil 

Ministry of Education of Brazil 





FEA-RP offers graduate studies Stricto Sensu in Economics (MSc), Business Administration (MSc and PhD) and Accounting (MSc and PhD).

All Graduate programs at FEA-RP are fully taught in Portuguese.


How to be accepted on FEA-RP´s Graduate Programs

The first requirement is to own a bachelor Diploma. In Brazil only a diploma-bearing student graduated from any program can start a graduate study; otherwise, he is not allowed to apply for the Master’s or PhD Program. All those interested in having a complete graduate-level program at FEA-RP/USP should go through the selection process. Foreign students can apply:

  • The same selection process applied to a Brazilian applicant;
  • PEC-PG Program;
  • Other types of scholarships.

For further information, please access: http://www.fearp.usp.br/cpg/index.php/en/

For a foreigner join one of the FEA-RP´s Graduate programs they must sign up for selection process that varies according to the programAll selection processes are regulated by one call published in Programs´s wepages upon availability of vacancies with the supervisors, which may occur quarterly, biannually or annually.


Economics (Applied Economics Area)
The main goal of the Graduate Program in Economics of FEA-RP is to qualify human resources to work in applied economics. This general purpose unfolds itself in the following specific aims:

  • Provide the conceptual basis in economics for professionals seeking careers in academic field, public and private organizations and can get benefits from the use of applied economics tools;
  • Prepare students for the practice of economics research and analysis, particularly the knowledge in Social Economy and Economic Development;
  • Promote the exchange of students, professors and ideas with other teaching and research institutions in Brazil, abroad and with the productive sector entities.

 he program, which started its activities in 2004, with the support of funding agencies (such as CAPES and CNPq) for scholarships grants.

Research lines:

  • Social Economics
    Economic Development


Business Administration
The Graduate Program in Business Administration, Masters and PhD, aims to promote the training of professors, researchers and high level professionals to meet the academic demands of higher education in Business area. Encourages the free thinking and all forms of access the revitalization of this area of knowledge and thus contribute to scientific and technological developments of Management.

Research lines:

  • Organizational Studies
  • Innovation Management and Sustainability
  • Markets and Value Creation


The Graduate Program in Accounting has been training professors and researchers with a strong focus on empirical research. The program accepts different lines of thinking and varied theoretical research techniques, either for theory development or improvement and testing applied models. Accounting currently includes important critical issues for Corporations and Markets,
Public Organizations or the Third Sector. For admission in Master’s and doctorate candidates must pass the selection process consisting of: specific test; ANPAD, GRE ® or GMAT ® test, and argumentation for curriculum evaluation. The Program encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds, not necessarily accounting.

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