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The evolution of accounting, a science strongly based on the Theory of Measurement, has followed the growth of the economical and organizational needs of development indicators and measures. Nowadays, the economics globalization turns the needs for lofty indexes of quality and efficiency into an imperative aspect when obtaining competitive advantage is concerned. Therefore, accounting information systems, more precisely the accounting reports, have evolved with the aim to measure the impact of decisions on behalf of quality and efficiency.

In 2011, the program of Accounting of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto was awarded 5 stars in the high-education program evaluation carried out by the Guia do Estudante (The Student’sGuide), of Editora Abril (Abril Print-House).



Within the Accounting profession, the different professional performance sectors are shown with a strong demand. After the program has been completed, the bachelor will be able to perform as: controller, advisor (finance and fiscal), auditor (in-house and external), expert, fiscal auditor, accounting system analyst, financing manager, financing director, and accounting director.



Work opportunities are varied, ranging from financing institutions, industrial institutions, commerce activities, and public enterprises up to accounting and auditing services.

The demand is strong and almost always the graduate is immediately placed in the work market with the proper remuneration.

For further information on how to be an Undergraduate student at FEA-RP, please visit: http://www.fearp.usp.br/en/index.php/study-at-fea-rp/seeking-degree-student/undergraduate

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